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emergency eye doctor
Founded by
Dr. Brooks Wood, OD

About Urgent Eyecare


Urgent Eyecare was founded by Dr. Brooks Wood in 2019. He realized he was seeing an alarming number of patients who had an eye emergency after hours. Sometimes patients spent 2-3 times more on a visit to the emergency room, only to have to still come and see an optometrist to correct the issue. Dr. Brooks saw an area where he could better serve patients in need, and save them time, money and distress. 

Eyecare Equipment
Urgent Eyecare Team

Why Urgent Eyecare

ER and traditional Urgent Care Centers, do not have the diagnostic testing specific to eyes to give the most accurate in depth diagnosis and treatment plan. Healthcare facilities all over the U. S. are managing a staffing crisis, wait times are higher, and costs are typically average about $1200 per visit to the ER. You are going to wait longer and pay more for someone who is not a specialist in eyes to give you a treatment plan. 



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321 N. Allen Dr.

Allen, Texas 75013

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